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Welcome to the Reach Uruguay Website

Why “Reach Uruguay?” Simply put, “Reach Uruguay” is the simple two-word purpose statement of our team in Uruguay. And to reach Uruguay the team has developed a strategy of focusing on two areas. First is the city of Montevideo. The necessity of having a base in the capital city of any particular country is self-evident. It has the government seats, logistical structure for entering and leaving the country and usually the most people. This should be part of any missions endeavor. The second part of the strategy is to focus on the route 7 & 8 corridors from Montevideo to Melo. This area is filled with multiple smaller cities and towns that to the best of our knowledge have little gospel witness outside of a few missionaries and one or two local churches.

To accomplish the purpose of reaching Uruguay, the team will employ all methods of evangelism and discipleship both new and old to obtain the widest possible spread of the gospel and to permanently establish local churches that are capable of carrying on the work long after the missionary is gone. These methods include, but are not limited to, traditional church planting efforts, teaching in Bible institutes and colleges, and tent making endeavors. The only limitations to our activities will be those presented in Scripture itself.

To the team of BMW missionaries in Uruguay, the goal of “REACH URUGUAY” is not a theory; it IS THE MISSION.

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Want to see some of the things God is doing in Uruguay? Watch the video series "Working Like Ants" to find out.



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